Postman 5-6


Television was meant to be a source of education and to gain knowledge of the things going on outside your little personal bubble but in this chapter postman makes a really good point about how the purpose of has gone down severely and TV has become less for info and more about entertaining its viewers with shows like Jersey shore, Bad girls club, real world not to bash those shows but they are literally about people living in a house together for months and every week the producers take the juiciest scenes and create a show, it’s NOT even authentic, these shows have no educational purpose what so ever but everyone loves them. Postman reveals that the line between education and entertainment has been scribbled out and society has mingled the two and drawn a line labeled TV.

Postman 3-4

There are more Books on the planet than people but now a days they seem the least important, some college classes do not have books as requirements but mac book computers, the shenanigans. People just do not seem to understand the importance of books anymore, because they have technology, with the tip of a finger and the help of Google you have access to more information than a library of books on one topic. in these chapters postman shines a light on how important books were and how significant that has changed. I love reading and will continue to but I will admit at times it is difficult to sit there and read a book knowing that within a matter of seconds you could have all the information needed at your fingertips.

POSTMAN 1-2 (Media is our lives)

Postman introduces an idea that people including myself do not seem to realize until it is brought to their attention which is that the world is becoming completely controlled by entertainment and media. Not only are generations becoming more and more addicted to television but the recent generations have blossomed a new addiction that is on the verge of taking over everything.

It’s done all the time and manly unconsciously, people go to the movies but don’t truly enjoy it because their busy checking their phone, at a concert but to busy taking pictures for instagram to actually enjoy themselves, texting and driving, it seems that people have lost touch with reality and most of their communication is done through technology.

Neil Postman makes a point in of how the 18th and 19th century was all about the written word, postman seems to be implying that before the 18th and 19th century ideas were not reality until there were physically in front of you in writing although I agree with postman I believe that with every new era comes a way that people expressing their selves. We have left the era of television and physical writing and have entered a world where nothing is true until it has been tweeted or facebooked, there have been instances where I would hear news but would not think it’s true until I got on facebook and saw everyone talking about it or twitter blowing up about that one topic. I have heard my friend’s say someone’s not officially dating until it’s on social networks. We have reached an era where social media is reality and is its not on social media it’s just not true.

I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots. -Albert Einstein

Solitude and Leadership

When one takes the role of a leader it does not mean to only command but also to be an example, you have to literally be the main example of how everyone should act (no pressure). Now although that does not sounds like ravishing position it does come with perks of being the boss and not having to answer to anyone else but yourself at the end of the day but as a leader is it ideal to be on the front line at all times?

At times being on the front line or in the spotlight 24/7 can become extremely tiring and knowing when that breaking point is and when to step back is a major part of being a leader. A leader not only needs authority but also they have to know when to seek solitude.  Now before having a fit you must understand that there is a huge difference between solitude and loneliness. Loneliness is more of a feeling. People get lonely when they have no friends is like you have no choice when you’re lonely while on the other hand, solitude is something you actively and sometimes unconsciously seek. When you seek solitude, you find a state of peace rather than feeling hurt (nobody likes to feel hurt).

Okay I’m totally rambling so the point I am getting at is, in the article Solitude and Leadership William Deresiewicz says “This is what we call thinking out loud, discovering what you believe in the course of articulating it.” So at the end of the day taking some time out from your busy to time leading will not kill you.

I always say there is a fine line between leading and dictating and maybe seeking solitude is the key to not crossing that boundary.


On the day of September 1st 2013 I made the impossible … Possible .. I spent one whole day without technology … Okay not a whole day lol maybe it was a couple of hours.

 I went to sleep the night before  with determination to leave my phone be for the whole day …. The morning of, I wake up and it seemed that all my determination was thrown out the window and I became overwhelmed with  anticipation to check my messages , twitter,Facebook, and Instagram … With every 10 to 20 minutes I found myself picking up my phone only to put it back own again. It wasn’t until then I realized how obsessed I was with my phone, it was technically my society I used my phone as the only way to communicate with the outside world. When I wake up my phone is the first thing I reach for and the last thing when I go to bed. I lasted approximately 12 hours most was due to being in church and a nap that I took lol but over all it was an interesting experiment .. Would I do it again ? I highly doubt it. 

creative acts

Being a college student is hard, with making sure your on track with classes so you can graduate within the time needed and not spending eternity in a class room. I am starting my second year of college with a bright out look on the classes I am taking this year especially my creative acts class, well here we gooooooooooo !